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The House at Tyneford
Natasha Solomons
PlumeTrade Paperback


     The House at Tyneford is historical fiction set in the last years of the 1930's, around the beginning of World War II. Elise Landau is the privileged daughter of a renowned Viennese couple, both Jews.  Their lavish existence is coming to an end, as the Nazi Party rises to power and begins its genocidal assault against Jews. Her family takes measures to get their family out of Vienna while it's still safe, and Elise applies for a job as a maid inEngland. Elise finds herself in a strange world, working for the Rivers family at a large seaside estate called Tyneford. Elise falls in love with the young heir, Kit, and the place itself.
     The House at Tyneford
is a beautifully written, moving work of nostalgia and coming of age through the eyes of a Jewish girl in a world that doesn't make much sense initially. The reader gains the opportunity to see how she is shaped by the world around her and her view of her heritage as a Jew, the loss of everything familiar to her, and the gaining of something in return--strength, courage, and a sense of self.  Highly recommended to readers interested in historical fiction, especially about the World War Two era.

Danielle Hill


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