Natalie Acres~~4 and 5 Star Reviews

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Country Roads 3: Bang the Blower

Natalie Acres

Siren Publishing




Three months ago, drag racer Julie Jenkins was in an accident on the track that nearly killed her. Now, Duke and Hank Hinman have come to take her home with them. Once, the Hinman brothers were her lovers. Now, they want to bring her back to Columbia, Tennessee--and back to stock car racing, her first love. They also have ulterior motives. They want her back in their bed, and they want to keep her safe, for someone wants her dead, and the Hinman brothers want to make sure no one will succeed in killing her next time.

Who wants Julie dead? The brothers have suspects, and they're checking them out while they seduce Julie. She's receptive, but old memories lead her to resist both the hunky brothers and coming back to racing. The Hinmans are good men to have at her back, though, as danger is about to come all too close.

Readers will love Natalie Acres' scintillating racing tale, which perfectly combines hot sex and suspenseful twists and turns. The plot is particularly strong in this erotic novella, which is part of a series but stands alone.

Heather Nordahl Files


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