Mika Brzezinski~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Knowing Your Value--Women, Money, and Getting What You're worth

Mika Brzezinski

Weinstein Books

Trade Paperback




Men and women in the business world have uniquely different skills when it comes to asking for a raise in salary. Culture, background, and self‑worth play into how each gender will ask for

when seeking a raise. Mika Brzezinski in her recently published book Knowing Your Value relies upon other women in the business world to give their opinions on how to succeed in obtaining more

money, better contracts with better perks, and establishing women as equals in the market place.

          This is a well‑written, clear, and definitely a worthwhile aid for women to achieve that well‑worn phrase, "Show me the money." Mika is a co‑host on the show Morning Joe where she shares the stage with Joe Scarborough in their discussion of issues and meeting with celebrities.

          Mika has discussions with many women‑‑Chief Operating Officers and other executives‑‑on various topics relating to relationship in business to the crucial aspect of how to ask for more money and earning what you are worth. This advice is not only useful for women, but men as well. Men and women have

different levels of success not only due to abilities, but also due to perceived limits on being able to do the job.

          Family and child rearing obligations in some companies limit the ability of the working woman to achieve parity in income with men. In some companies the relationship with the family and children is a top priority to a happy worker and have been found to enhance the company and the worker providing a win‑win


Clark Isaacs

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