Michele Sinclair ~~ 4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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A Woman Made For Pleasure

Michele Sinclair


Mass Market




As a young girl, the feisty fireball that is Millie Alden made a pact with her two best friends never to marry. That was the only way Millie knew to protect her love for adventure and keep her dearest friends close.

Now all three have grown into stunning young ladies and must make their appearance in Society. Millie has never lost her fire nor her propensity for trouble, as Charles, the Marquess of Chaselton, soon discovers. He spent his childhood saving young Millie from innumerable perils but has grown into a serious, staid, yet secretive adult.

Millie is shocked to see the imposing man Charlie has turned into but is determined not to let that deter her from her pledge. Suddenly, though, the adventure in discovering the man is almost too tempting to turn down and the danger too alluring to resist

A Woman Made for Pleasure is an almost pitch perfect winner with characters written so flawlessly that their personalities literally jump right off the page! The very best part (and most rare these days) is that those personalities stay true to their characters throughout the book. Even with a slight stumble in the confusing climax, this story is delightful, engaging and glorious fun.

TJ Mackay

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