M D Grimm ~~ 4 and 5 Star Reviews

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Ruby: Lost and Found
M.D. Grimm
Torquere Press

             Lord Morgorth lived a calm life on the outskirts of Happy Valley. His castle was situated between two empires, and occasionally a knight would show up and challenge him. Still he was bored. After returning home from a trip, he discovers that another mage had tried to enter his castle. This slightly angered and amused Morgorth--who would dare try to steal from him?  Aishe was on a mission--to kill the mage that slaughtered his village for a powerful stone. He aligns himself with Morgorth, and they begin their hunt of a the destructive magical object.
            The story was very well written with a lot of description. The author builds an elaborate world and sucks the reader into it. The romance between Aishe and Morgorth is very shaky, but finally cements itself in the end. Watching Aishe fulfill his duty and Morgorth learn to love made the book even more interesting.  Overall, Ruby: Lost and Found is a wonderful book for those that like a little love with their magic.

Rebecca Hallowell


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