Marisa Calin ~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Between You and Me

Marisa Calin





            Phyre, a teenage girl, is mesmerized by her new student teacher Mia. She finds her so full of personality that she takes the air from Phyre's lungs. Phy can think only of Mia and only act with Mia in mind whilst her best friend, who is only addressed as "you" throughout the story, sticks by her side and is always there when needed.

"You" puts up with Phyre's inability to not understand their feelings and is very patient with Phy, though she is blinded by her admiration of Mia. Phyre must learn to understand her feelings as well as other people's.

Between You and Me is a brilliant story intricately plotted so that anyone can relate. The concept of "You" is so unique and original it makes this story like no other. The book is just plain fun and so fast-paced that readers won't be able to set it down, and they expect the characters to pop out of the book they seem so real.

Layla Lawrence

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