Maeve Greyson~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Eternity’s Mark

Maeve Greyson


Trade Paperback




Hannah and Jake had been inseparable since they were children. On the day they married, they vowed to be together for as long as they lived. Unfortunately, Jake's need for excitement and to be everyone's hero had compelled him to enlist and volunteer to go to Iraq where a trigger bomb under his jeep ended Hannah's "always together."   People in hers and Jake's hometown, Jasper Mills, just didn’t understand that she wasn’t able to move on.  Jake wouldn’t want her to; she knew it. She could feel his presence just like the animals she worked with. She didn’t really know how she did it, but she could hear the animals thoughts; feel their pain, just like her grandmother.  Now, to top it off (besides the conspiracy of the entire town trying to pair her up with Sheriff Matt), Hannah keeps getting these annoying legal documents saying she has inherited some godforsaken place in Scotland called Taroc Na Mor.

     Taggart del Gaelson had been a guardian of Taroc Na Mor for as long as he could remember. It was a magical place, and he loved it with all his heart. He was NOT going to lose it and all it represented simply because the last of the Sullivans, Hannah's ancestor and the first witch of the family, refused to accept her inheritance. He was her protector, besides Taroc Na Mor's, and he took his duties seriously. Plus, he figured once Hannah actually saw Taroc Na Mor, she would love it, too, and immediately understand its importance and want to keep it safe, just like he did. Man, was he in for a shock.

Ms. Greyson has penned a rousing tale that blends ancient mystical folklore with modern‑day romance and male hard‑headedness into a smooth, sexy story that will keep you reading for hours. She seamlessly combines raw sexuality with great humor while keeping the reader entertained with a sarcastic, sassy Draecna who keeps the poor hero's life in constant turmoil. A very fun read.

Lani Roberts



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