Lynn Kurland~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Gift of Magic: A Novel of the Nine Kingdoms

Lynn Kurland

Berkley Trade

Trade Paperback



       Ruith is the son of Gair, the most wicked mage in the Nine Kingdoms.  Gair unleashed a well of evil that was believed to have killed his whole family.  Ruith and his sister both thought that they were the only survivors of that horrible day.  Only recently has each of them discovered the survival of the other.  The spells from their father's grimoire have been scattered all over the countryside. Ruith is determined to gather them up and destroy them.     
      Sarah has the ability to see the location of Gair's spells.  She hates the thought of being exposed to more evil magic, but she loves Ruith and the spells do need to be destroyed.  As Sarah and Ruith travel, she notices that the spells are moving.  There is a definite pattern in the spells' locations. She and Ruith are being led to a specific destination.  Is someone herding Ruith and Sarah to their doom?  Ruith and his sister survived the day at the well.  Could Gair have survived as well?     

      It's imperative that one read the previous stories in this series before starting this one.  There are so many characters, each with long names and various nicknames, that without that background the reader is soon completely confused. This very good book appears to be the conclusion of a very good series.

Sheila Griffin


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