Lorie O'Clare~~ 4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Slow Heat

Lorie O'Clare

St Martin's

Mass Market




            Running from deadly secrets of his dark past, Micah Jones takes a job with a bounty-hunting agency and keeps a low profile. Maggie O'Malley is the kitchen manager/bookkeeper for her uncle's night club. When he's arrested for money laundering, Micah is assigned to investigate Maggie's involvement and bring her in. Maggie hires Micah to discover who is laundering money through the club and framing her.

            Stubborn, practical, and brainy, Maggie is a "good girl" who loves the safety of numbers and order. Micah is intelligent, mysterious, lethal, and broken. Gifted with considerable intuition, precision, observation, and survival skills, he observes the world but remains detached.

            Maggie's and Micah's characters, scorching hot chemistry, and turbulent relationship make Slow Heat an unforgettable romance. Their attraction is so immediate and intense that Micah and Maggie cannot resist giving in. A profound connection ripens between them that is as innately emotional as it is sexual. Maggie accepts him as is, bringing to life and healing MicahÆs soul. Micah opens Maggie to taking risks and seizing the moment.


            Slow Heat is an angsty, gripping, deeply emotional read thatÆs hard to put down because of its beautiful love story, multifaceted characters, and deftly written suspense, action, and erotic love scenes.


Lacy Hill


Island Of Desire

Lorie O’Clare


Trade Paperback





  Mark Tripp Jr. is a man of wealth, but not a man to show it. He comes from a home filled with money and tragedy. He learned at a very young age about money, although it’s nice to have, it is not everything.  He has worked hard to stay out of the limelight and be his own man.  Until his father asked him to over see the Mr. Desire Pageant and to hire Ms. Andrea Denton.  Hiring Ms. Denton may lead to more than business on his family’s private island just off Key West. Pageant work may be more fun than he could have imagined, with Andrea working under him.

  Andrea Denton has been apart of the pageant world every since she can remember. It has been apart of her family for a very long time. She now runs pageants instead of interring them, and does it well.  Well enough that may want her on staff to do so. But when she is offered to head the Mr. Desire Pageant things change, not only is it the event of a life time for her to head, the money is not bad, but Mark Tripp Jr. is more than she expected. He alone would be worth the change in jobs. Just one look from Mr. Mark Tripp Jr. and her brain goes to mush and her body wants things it has not had in a long time.

  The Mr. Desire Pageant is one of the most popular pageants in the world so to buy it and produce such a venue on the Tripp’s private island is so much more than either Mark Tripp Jr. or Andrea Denton ever thought possible. The best part of all is the sparks between the two of them.  When sparks lead to daily hook ups that seem to turn into more, can it work out when secrets are being kept from each other and things go very wrong when treasure is found.

Lorie O’Clare bring the readers high rolling stakes in the world of pageantry and wealth with Island Of Desire. A tropical island, high tides, and lush scenery lead to the very hot plot in a very romantic world where one could get lost. Getting caught up with a mystery of who did it along with a treasure hunt that leads to murder and mayhem, but not without titillating hot passion.  



Melody Prater


Temptation Island

Lorie O'Clare


Trade Paperback




Ric Karaka is a man on a mission.  He bought his grandparents' old rundown banana plantation and wants to turn it into a bed and breakfast, but he needs to have a baker for it. He plans to meet up with a very wealthy investor, who also is his long lost grandmother. When the meeting comes around, he finds that he is meeting with a very lovely young woman Jenny and not the elderly grandmother. What he thought would be a very easy way to get his money turns out to be a much bigger challenge. He now has to convince Jenny that his home and land can be transformed into a lovely and very profitable B&B. While doing this, Ric finds he cannot resist this beautiful woman who holds everything in her hands. 

Jenny Rogers was given a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. To have this Hawaiian adventure, all she has to do is go to a few meetings for Ms. Winston and report back what she thinks after each meeting.  This seems like an easy task until she meets Ric Karaka, a man who makes her body tingle and her legs weak. He has a plan to turn his old plantation into a B&B; so when he flirts and more with Jenny, does he really want Jenny or the money he is trying to get? When Ric and Jenny are alone, all they want is each other, but is this real or just a temptation that cannot be?       

In Temptation Island, Lorie O'Clare gives us a tropical setting that is hot, sultry, wet, and full of sexual fulfillment. With this hot read you will need a tall glass of something cold to cool you off. At times you will swear you can feel the ocean and hear the palm trees sway in the breeze.

Melody Prater 

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