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The Super Spies and the Cat Lady Killer
Lisa Orchard
Astraea Press
Mass Market
     Ninth grader Sarah Cole was anything but excited about spending her summer vacation with her little sister Lacey in the dismally insignificant town of Harrisburg, Michigan. Sarah's summer takes a surprising turn when she meets Jacqueline Jenkins, a local girl itching to gossip about all the peculiar town residents. Jackie wastes no time filling the girls' minds with fantastic stories about the town's evil witch, Mrs. Fedewa, a.k.a. "The Cat Lady."
     A game of Truth or Dare leads the girls to the Cat Lady's porch where they discover her blood‑splattered body.  After a mix‑up with the local police, a vindictive cop sets his sights on the girls as his prime suspects.  Realizing the officer is trying to frame them for murder, the girls launch their own investigation to find out who really killed Ms. Fedewa.  Once they start digging, they uncover a startling truth, a truth that may cost them their lives.
     Lisa Orchard has created a mystery with lighthearted, amiable, and quirky characters. The small details about the quiet goings‑on of a small town add to the story's authority. Super Spies is a great summer read and leaves the door wide open for a sequel.
Danielle Christie


Sneaky Peek The Super Spies and the Cat Lady Killer

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