Lisa Marie Rice~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Heart of Danger

Lisa Marie Rice

Avon Red

Trade Paper



Dr. Catherine Young is compelled to find Tom McEnroe after one of her dementia patients communicates the importance of the mission to her. Catherine has a unique gift: She can learn about people simply by touching them. Usually she discovers ugly things about those she touches, and she has, consequently, avoided close connections with people most of her life. But she felt she must touch Patient Nine, whose file does not match the extent of his broken body, and the resulting contact sends her to Mount Blue.

When the strange woman shows up, claiming to be looking for Mac, Tom "Mac" McEnroe has no reason to trust her. This former member of Ghost Ops is considered a criminal for a disastrous botched operation. He and his two remaining comrades in arms have created a new home and community for those who need to go off the grid. Their home is an unimaginably technologically advanced compound inside a mountain. He brings Catherine inside for interrogation, but it soon becomes clear that danger stalks Catherine and her patient, and that Patient Nine is a man who betrayed Mac.

Lisa Marie Rice launches her "Ghost Ops" series with this brilliantly crafted tale that has fascinating characters, a quick‑moving plot, a formidable villain, and a heroine with an intriguing paranormal gift. The story is set in the near future, and includes futuristic technology that is believable and not intrusive.

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