Linwood Barclay~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Trust Your Eyes....
Linwood Barclay
Hardcover 978-0451237903

Trust Your Eyes begins with a mystery. Adam Kilbride died when his tractor rolled over and killed him, leaving behind two sons. The fatality was deemed an accident, but when the body was discovered, the switch on the tractor's engine was in the off position. The machine was stoped when it rolled over....or someone pushed it over.

Now, none of this will come to light until another disaster unfolds. Ray and Thomas, Adam's sons, are now adults, but Thomas has schizophrenia and cannot take care of himself. However, Thomas is good with computers, and this gets him into trouble. His favorite online site is

Once inside this site, Thomas can go anywhere in the world and walk down almost any street without leaving his desk. He also has an obsession with maps. Ray tells him he cannot sit in front of the computer all day because that is not what life is about. He emphasizes that Thomas cannot take care of himself if the computer becomes his whole world.

Thomas witnesses what looks like a murder on Against Ray's advice, he reports the crime to the CIA over and over again. The wrong people find out about what Thomas knows, and these people have guns and know how to use them. Now the lives of both brothers are in danger.

Trust Your Eyes.... is very well done, and Barclay's writing style is good.

Paul Zunino

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