Lincoln Child~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Gideon's Corpse
Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child
Grand Central Publishing Hardcover

     Team efforts in writing have become in vogue in today’s publishing competitions, and Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child have emerged as leaders once again with their second book entitled Gideon’s Corpse which is a sequel to Gideon’s Sword.
     Adventures of Gideon Crew in this newest book start in New York City and then move west to New Mexico where he discovers a terrorist plot, which, on the surface, appears to be a planned nuclear device that will create havoc in the United States. Los Alamos is the locale because this is where it all began many years ago.
     When an author(s) creates a character with the wonderful personae of Gideon, it is greatly appreciated the character can live on to display his abilities in another volume. Crew is fall guy in this book, and the devious efforts by the plotters of evil are extreme. As the story unfolds, a femme fatale joins Gideon in the spotlight as they run from the good people of the FBI in an attempt to save the nation and prove his innocence. Their escapades are with a flair of candor and humor, which often makes the reader think they are standing next to Gideon as an observer or maybe even a participant.
     Preston and Child weave this tale with twists and turns so the original premise of a nuclear threat changes to an even more nefarious plot, which is far more dangerous than what the terrorists are really planning.
     Gideon’s Corpse is definitely a page-turner, keeping the readers’ interest from start to finish. This is highly recommended for the mystery fan who loves to read about intrigue, terrorists, misdirection, and loves a happy conclusion.
Clark Isaacs