Larry King~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Truth Be Told: Off the Record about Favorite Guests, Memorable Moments, Funniest Jokes, and a Half Century of Asking Questions

Larry King
Weinstein Books Trade Paperback

Memoirs written by those who have something to say about their careers, lives, and the things they have done are interesting. Larry King's Truth Be Told is no exception. However, the strange twist for this author is he is an interviewer extradinaire.

Larry King has been the interviewer who has brought out the best in everyone who has sat across from him! In this book, not his first, he summarizes 50 years of having a show, which was one of CNN's highest‑rated programs.

Stars gave their good byes, and Larry describes how the many friends he made through the years who came to pay their last tributes to him. Barbara Walters said, "Television will never be the same."

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said, "In the U.S. mass media, there are many talented and interesting people. But, still, there is just one king there. I donÆt ask why he is leaving. But, still, what do you think? We have a right to cry out: 'Long live the King!' When will there be another man in the world as popular as you happen to be?"

In many respects, this is an adult book, with some coarse language that is akin to many entertainers off the air. However, the stories and insights to Larry's life on and off the stage are worthwhile. He discusses his very first celebrity interview with Bobby Darin in Miami Beach at Pumpernik's deli. Larry King has interviews with so many people that he could start his own WhoÆs Who in having told their stories to him. He shares thoughts on other famous farewells and departures, from LeBron James, Bill Clinton, Walter Cronkite, Dan Rather, and Michael Jordon to Lou Gehrig and George Bush 43.

He speaks of the joys of his extended, blended family and of being a 77‑year‑old father to young boys again (he coaches his sons' Little League teams), and more. Truth Be Told has anecdotes and behind‑the‑scenes insights. This is the story of a cultural icon and an unconventional family man. One of the outstanding characteristics he possesses is his love of suspenders, not the king you would hide under a suit coat, but those bright flashy ones that dress up his shirts!

Larry King founded the Larry King Caria Foundation, which has raised millions of dollars and provided lifesaving cardiac procedures to those who otherwise would be unable to receive the medical treatment they require. Since its inception, the Larry King Cardiac Foundation has served more than 700 individuals in the United States and abroad. He has shown that he is a true humanitarian. This is an excellent book for fans of Larry King who have influenced him through the years.

Clark Isaacs


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