Katie Lane ~~ 4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Catch Me a Cowboy

Katie Lane

Grand Central




Shirlene Dalton had everything--drop‑dead looks, a body to stop traffic, a rich, loving husband, a huge mansion, and unlimited credit cards.  Life was just about perfect--until her husband suddenly died.  Now she is facing foreclosure, her money is spent and she is forced to live in the last place she ever wanted to see, the trailer she grew up in.  Always the optimist, Shirlene is determined to prove she can turn her life around, pull herself up by her bootstraps (well Manilo's)  and stand on her own ‑ again.

Billy Wilkes is just a good‑'ole‑boy living in the trailer next door who decides to have a little fun with the sexy redhead while bringing her down a peg or two.  Little does anyone know, however, that Billy's real intentions are bent on revenge and Shirlene is about to become a stumbling block he can't get around.

Katie Lane is quickly becoming a must‑buy author if one is looking for humorous, country romance! This story is an absolute hoot to read! The characters are real and endearing, although a little over the top at times; the situations are believable (especially if one has ever lived in a small town) and sometimes hilarious and the romance is hot as a June‑bug in July!

TJ Mackay


Going Cowboy Crazy
Katie Lane
Grand Central, Mass Market
     Faith Aldridge enters Bramble, Texas, in search of her identical twin sister, one she never knew existed until the deathbed confession of her mother that rocked Faith's very existence. Now she needs answers to questions she never knew she had. This being her first expedition into a small southern town, Faith is overwhelmed at the outpouring of joy and acceptance the townspeople shower on her. Now if she could just convince them she is NOT who they think she is, especially when she discovers the drop dead sexy man they think is her lover and soon-to-be husband!
     Writing a humorous, contemporary romance is a tall order to fill. Either the humor is silly or the love story unbelievable, or both. That's why a chorus of kudos, praises and all around hallelujah choirs should be sung for Katie Lane! This story is a sexy hot, hilarious look at life and love in a small town. The characters are real, wacky but endearing; the story is honest and believable. For anyone who has ever lived in or even wondered about what real life in Mayberry would be like, this is a must read!
Tammy J. Schneider

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