Katherine Irons ~~ 4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Katherine Irons


Trade Paperback




Prince Alexandros of Atlantis watched the activity on the Anastasiya and waited for Grigori Varenkov to make his usual appearance for his nightly glass of vodka. Then Alex would assassinate him. He had been stalking the Russian and his gang for months to take them down. They were the worst of the worst. They killed entire species of marine life and thousands of human lives with their illegal activities and had absolutely no remorse. The citizens of Atlantis and Lemoria did their best to warn the marine life before Grigori and his men did their damage, but they weren’t always able to arrive in time. So it was decided by King Poseidon to send in an assassin, his brother, Prince Alexandros. But tonight, Grigori's rigid schedule had developed an extra player, and the beautiful naked redhead showering on the deck right in front of Alex was it. Then all hell broke loose and when the melee was over, the redhead lay on the deck with fatal gunshot wounds. Alex knew what he was about to do was against all the rules of Atlantis, but he had to save her.

          Ree had been born with extraordinary mental abilities and had been raised by an organization since she was a child to be a top assassin using her abilities. When she woke up in an underground cavern with a strange blue man standing over her, she had no idea where she was or who she was with. And her abilities weren’t doing her any good. The last thing she remembered was infiltrating Varenkov's gang, carefully biding her time so she wouldn’t miss the opportunity to rid the earth of the scum, then bullets ripping into her body as she was taking a shower on the deck of his yacht. Had her cover been blown? With the amount of bullets she had taken, why wasn’t she dead? And why did she get the feeling that this gorgeous cavern with this strangely colored, but beautiful man in it, was underwater?

Waterborne is a fascinating underwater adventure filled with colorful vivid imagery of life in Atlantis and Lemoria and its citizens. When Alex saves Ree's life, he does so by changing, not only her physiology, but everything she believes in as well. She discovers new worlds, new species and a new love. Ms. Irons' ability to put into words the wonders of the undersea worlds is truly remarkable, and she continues to enthrall her readers with her sexy "Princes of Atlantis" series.

Lani Roberts

...13 ...