Jory Strong~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Inked Magic
Jory Strong
Berkley Heat Trade Paperback




     As a tattoo artist, Etain sees and touches a lot of people daily, which is very hard for someone who can see a vision of and feel what they have done or been through just by a single touch. It makes her life very hard at times, but on the other hand, it's a gift to helps others, a gift she has always wondered about, but has no answers to.  Tattooing isnot just her job--it is a part of her. When a man named Cathal Dunne walks in to the shop looking for her but notfor a tattoo, life takes the corner of change.

     He wants to just take her out to eat, and she is attracted to him more than any man she has ever known. She thinks life could not get any better until she then meets Eamon, the owner of the restaurant. In just one day she meets two men she wants more than any other man in her life, they are different to her in a way that pulls her to them.

     Cathal has lived his life away from his family's mob business. He decided that he wants a different life and has made it by owning his own nightclub. He didn't want anything permanent in his life other than his work. Oh, he loves his family but not what they do; so he stays away from it. When his dad and uncle ask him to seek out and get help from a tattoo artist who can lead them to those who hurt his cousin and killed her best friend, he wants to help.  When his task takes him to Etain, a woman who, on first sight, is beautiful and stirs something in him, he is happy to get close to this woman. It is even a pleasure to get close to her.    
     Eamon has had a long life. When Etain comes in to his restaurant, he knows what she is as soon as he sees her-- changeling elf, and she does not even know that she is one. Eamon has now seen and met the Elf of his life, and he will have her as his wife. He just has to slowly show her what she truly is. First he just wants her in every way he can have her, even if that means sharing her with a human man. Just the thought of sharing her makes his loins hunger for her.  Etain, Cathal, and Eamon are so attracted to each other, even more than attracted, they are meant for each other. Can they make it as a threesome or does each of them bring things to this relationship that will keep them apart?    

     Jory Strong's Inked Magic gives the reader a view into three very different lives, a thrilling mystery, crime fighting, a plot that is extraordinary and full of exciting sexual adventures. A stimulating book that will leave you sexually aware with a need for more and turning the each page to get it!

Melody Prater


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