Imogen Robertson ~~ 4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Island of Bones

Imogen Robertson 




This is an historical novel that takes place in North West England, 1783 on St Herbert's Island. It is called the House of Bones because there is a 300 yea-old chapel on the Island that contains tombs.

The owners decide to relocate the bodies before the decaying church comes crumbing down and destroys everything. When an extra body turns up, investigator Mrs. Harriet Westerman and anatomist Gabriel Crowther are called to identify the body and find what happened. However, this creates big problems that have nothing to do with the discovered body. Crowther's family owns the Island, and there is a lot of bad blood.

Thirty years earlier, Gabriel Crowther's real name was Charles Penhaligon. He watched his brother hang for killing their father. Adair proclaimed his innocence until the end, but no one, not even Charles, believed him. So Charles changed his name, became a recluse, and put as much distance as he could from the rest of his family.

Now they are all back together on the Island Of Bones--one not so happy family. They must get to know each other an over again, while the investigation of the corpse will turn up secrets that will cause more problems. Crowther's life will be in danger.

This is Robertson's third novel, and Westerman and Crowther are the main characters in the first two but Island of Bones is not really a sequel. If you want to have some fun, go to You Tube and explore St Herbert's Island. It will add depth to the story because this is a real place.

Paul Zunino




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