Francis Hamit~~ 4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Francis Hamit

Brass Cannon Books

Trade Paperback



Unfolding events draw a reader into a thriller that unfolds slowly in the beginning to build a climaxing crescendo is Meltdown by Francis Hamit. Experienced writers have this uncanny ability to pique the reader's interest and move them along without realizing they are going on a journey led by a masterful storyteller.

Two main characters are highlighting this compelling novel. One is a new security chief who takes over the function of leading guards and others in the care of keeping intruders out of a nuclear power plant. The other is an erstwhile engineer who works in the maintenance of the facility and directing safe operating procedures. Each of these people is very different and have their own lives. Their connection to each other is in the running of the plant. Each has his own agenda to prove his ability. Hamit superbly portrays their interplay with management who run the nuclear reactor.

Since the author has a background in security and having been involved with nuclear power plants, he uses jargon from real events. Learning about the training of the guards, the past military careers each had prior to being a guard and the continuation of preparedness play an important role in keeping intruders at bay. There are intruders who attack with a ruthless plan to call attention to the inadequate safety of nuclear power reactors. Making an example of Chernobyl or Three Mile Island disasters is the goal of militia comprised of a rag‑tag group of misguided deviants of society.

Jimmy Berger, the engineer, is able to fix just about anything pertaining to the facility. A graduate engineer who prefers to still wear a ponytail, have a beard, and not wear a tie is not what he appears. He demonstrates he is a true patriot who really cares about the job.

Maria Lockhart's energy company was clamping down on unnecessary spending at their nuclear power facility so they sent her as the new security chief. Her boss was suspected of misappropriations at the power plant. Maria was to be a bean counter and cut back on costs. She developed into a well‑respected hero of the management team by her leading the security forces in combating intruders.

This is a five star book, extremely well written, entertaining, informative, and definitely an adult novel because of its graphic descriptions and some sexual overtones.

Clark Isaacs


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