Emery Lee~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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The Highest Stakes

Emery Lee


Trade Paperback




   Robert Devington was anxiously awaiting the arrival of Charles Wallace, the man who was supposed to ride Devington's horse, White Rose, in the maiden race of the Lichfield Races. Knowing that everything could backfire, Devington took the race when Wallace did not show up in time. After Robert won the race, he attempted to get the consent from Sir Garfield Wallace to marry Wallace's ward and niece, Charlotte. He was refused. Sir Wallace wanted more for his niece.

Charlotte Wallace wanted to marry her true love, but she understood that Robert had to make his own way in the real world to prove himself worthy and win the approval of her uncle. Charlotte would wait for that day.

This author leads her readers very carefully to the starting gate, and with the first blast she takes the reader on a race full of intrigue and passion.

Lauren Calder

Fortune’s Son
Emery Lee

      Lady Susannah Messingham had always longed for a normal life, one free of being the property of a jealous and possessive husband.  After nursing that same husband in his sickbed for months until he died, she thought she just might have found hope.  That hope is quickly dashed, however, as she learns her deceased husband not only made her miserable in life but also left her deeply in debt in death.  Near destitute, Susannah stumbles on an idea that might just save her but to have any hope of success she must enlist the help of a handsome gambler everyone admires but who she swore she would never allow near her again. 
     Philip Drake has lived a life of high stakes gaming to its hilt and has the power and influence to show for it. Unfortunately his past is filled with so many mistakes he doubts anyone can save him-‑until Susannah steps back into his life with a proposition he can't refuse. 

     Seldom does one see a story so rich, intelligent and intensely absorbing as Fortune's Son.  In it, Ms. Lee has crafted a story that is so beautiful and emotionally powerful, it is sometimes hard to read.  Phillip and Susannah are both terribly human, realistically flawed characters. Each can be selfish, both strive for fortune, both have tempers that cause trouble, and each acts rashly at times--all human foibles the reader readily relates to yet aches for when those choices threaten to ruin their lives and their love. There are moments when the reader wants to throttle both characters, but still, they understand. It is romance that rises far above the average, with history so well researched and written that one is totally unaware they are being taught as well as entertained.

TJ Mackay



Interview with Victoria Vane (Emery Lee's alter-ego)

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