Elizabeth Amber~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Sevin: The Lords of Satyr

Elizabeth Amber


Trade Paperback



            Lord Sevin Satyr has never thought about love or marriage. He is a man all about the money and pleasure. He could have any women around, but the one woman, Alex Patrizzi that he has his eyes on, is the one he cannot have. Her family caused great harm to two of his brothers which means she is off limits. So, is it so bad that he still wants her?

Alexa thinks that the Satyr brothers are all handsome; with features like no other man she has ever seen. But the one that stands out to her more than all the others is Sevin. She has daydreams of what it would be like to have a touch or even a kiss by him, though she knows it will never happen, for her family's cruelty closed all doors to happiness with the Satyr family.

Luc, the youngest Satyr brother, never wants to be touched by anyone. After living most of his life as a sex slave, to be touched brings back the horror of it all. His brothers rescued him from his enslavement but not from the effects it left on him. He is learning about a power that he is not sure how to deal with, and it takes him to the Else World. This is where he finds relief with a touch or a word from Natalia and he needs more. Natalia is not sure about Luc or what he wants. She just knows there is something about him that she is drawn to.

Elizabeth Amber has given us a double treat in Sevin’s book. As part of "The Lords of Satyr" series, it will not let you down and it shows that even book 7 can be just as exciting as book 1. Readers will find themselves lost in the Satyr world, clinging to the words of each page while holding their breaths to see if each couple can get through the dark times to see the light of love. Some things in life are just too hard to get past or can love really bring new life to the soul?

Melody Prater


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