D.L. Bogdan~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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The Sumerton Women

D.L. Bogdan


Trade Paperback




When sickness claims her family, eight-year-old Lady Cecily Burkhart suddenly finds herself an heiress and an orphan.  Packed up and sent to become the ward of Harold Pierce, Earl of Sumerton, Cecily finds a different yet surprisingly happy life, as her naturally sweet disposition endears her to everyone she grows to know. Especially beloved is Brey, the Pierce's young son, and Father Alec, the priest who has cared for her since her family’s deaths.

 As King Henry VIII's preoccupation with producing an heir leads to violence and unrest, the Pierce's family life is shattered and all must cope with tragedies beyond their comprehension. Amid the turmoil, young Cecily struggles to make sense of love, loss, betrayal and a future that could destroy her family and rip England apart.

In this gripping story of love and treachery, Bogdan has exquisitely woven history into fine fiction! From the moment the readers open the first page, they are lost in the centuries, experiencing the life of nobility in Tudor England right along with Cecily and the Pierce family. The machinations, the hardships, the purity and the brutality that marked this era are portrayed with realistic beauty through the heart of one very touching woman. Even though slowing slightly in the middle, this story is undoubtedly a winner for any who enjoy great romantic historical fiction.

TJ Mackay

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