Diana Cosby~~ 4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Born to Bite
Hannah Howell, Diana Cosby & Erica Ridley
Trade Paperback


      Howell’s “Dark Secret” takes us to 16th century Scotland and the plight of a young maiden searching for her family. Murdina Dunbar has been branded a witch because of her psychic, empathic abilities and is willing to do almost anything to be connected to the last of her family. She finally tracks down her lost cousin, only to discover that she’s with the infamous MacNachtons, a Highlander clan known for their strange ways and seclusion. But once Sir Gillanders MacNachton, clan chieftain of the MacNachton vampires, meets Murdina, he instantly knows she’s his mate. Now all he has to do is convince her of that, not scare her to death when he reveals he’s a vampire and hope she forgives him when she discovers he’s been holding her cousin in his castle.
     “Dark Secret” is a thrilling Highland adventure with lots of humor, romance and sexy encounters packed into a short story. A quick and easy read.
Medieval Scotland in the 13th century is a dangerous place filled with druids, magic circles and things the people don’t understand.

     “Highland Vampire” by Diana Cosby superbly encapsulates all these elements and more. When Rowan Campbell heard a voice in her head telling her to come into the circle of stones and rescue the naked man
lying in the middle, she felt compelled to obey. She didn’t want to; she was terrified of the voice and the man, but she had been raised to do the right thing and render assistance where needed. And because of that, Rowan had been branded a witch and was being hunted at that very moment. But Aedan MacGregor, Laird of the Highland Vampire Coven, was dying from an unknown assailant’s poison, and she would save him even without that irritating voice in her head telling her to do so!

     “Highland Vampire” is a page turner from the very beginning, and readers will love Rowan and Aedan’s love story.

     “Never Been Bitten” by Erica Ridley moves the vampire tales to 19th century England and the High Society of the ton. Miss Elspeth Ramsay, an inveterate bluestocking, indifferent spinster and--oh, the horror!--tradeswoman, was very good at not being noticed. And not
being noticed suited her well in her occupation of private investigator. All she had to do was think, “you don’t notice me standing here,” and for some reason everyone in the room would seemingly do just as she asked. Except for the one gentleman that Miss Lydia Breckenridge had hired her to investigate. Lydia just knew that Martainn Macane was a vampire and wanted Elspeth to prove it. His only faults, though, were his beauty, sexiness, sophistication and tendency to nibble on the necks of all the eligible young ladies and make them swoon--even the unnoticeable Elspeth!

     Erica Ridley has taken a refreshing, different view on the vampire theme and written a story that is delightful and humorous from start to finish.
This anthology is a five star from the first story to the last and a definite keeper for the bookshelf!  

Lani Roberts    



His Destiny

Diana Cosby


Mass Market




No one would ever believe the beautiful, innocent Christina Moffat is actually the deadly mercenary Emma Astyn.  That is precisely what qualifies her for the most dangerous job of her career.  Emma must align herself with the notorious and deadly Scottish rebel Patrik Cleary or, Dubh Duer to all who fear him, to discover the secrets he carries and expose the rebels who plague England. The more time Emma spends with the handsome, but tortured, warrior, the harder it is to contemplate betrayal, as Patrik turns out to be nothing like the hated enemy described. Emma finds herself torn between the life she has chosen and the man that sparks hope in a heart long considered dead.  If her identity is found, her betrayal will be complete; then all hope will die as everything else in her life.  Sadly, the only one to trust will always be herself.

It is always hard to read a book where lies and betrayal are the main plot device throughout the story, especially when the resolution is so abrupt. Ms. Cosby does such an exquisite job of drawing the reader into the tangled web and wrapping the readers' emotions so tightly within the characters’ angst and longing, however, that the experience is heart‑changing, even if uncomfortable.

TJ MacKay


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