Debbi Rawlins~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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On a Snowy Christmas Night

Debbi Rawlins

Harlequin Blaze #725

Mass Market




Shea Monroe has always felt awkward around people, especially those she doesn’t know well. This year she skips Christmas with her mother and her new family in favor of working for Safe Haven, an animal shelter in Montana that specializes in large animals like horses. She’s staying at the McAllister family’s ranch, the Sundance Ranch, which is closed to customers over the holidays, but they made an exception for her. She hopes she can keep to herself at the ranch, but the McAllisters are not the sort to allow that.

Shea is fascinated by Jesse McAllister, who keeps himself aloof from the rest of the family. Since coming home from Afghanistan, he's felt like he doesn’t belong here. Now he’s considering reenlistment to help his family financially instead of staying to help. Both Shea and Jesse are introverted, but they draw each other out of their shells.

Debbi Rawlins' latest is the best yet in her "Made in Montana" series, and it does a good job of standing alone. Most readers will empathize with Shea and Jesse, and when they finally get together, the sparks fly.

Heather Nordahl Files

Once an Outlaw
Debbi Rawlins
Harlequin Blaze #455Mass Market
**** +

         Celebrity offspring Reese Winslow is joining her sister Ellie at her grandmother's house in Deadwood, South Dakota. Now that Grandma Lily has passed away, it's time to clean out and sell the old house, a task the Winslow sisters are dreading because the house is loaded with junk. While in the attic, Reese tries on an antique wedding dress and looks at a century-old book. Inside is a picture of a dead man who had been hanged. He opens his eyes, a light flashes-- and Reese wakes up in a whorehouse in 1876!
        Sam Keegan (the man from the picture) lives as quiet a life as he can, running the stables in town, helping to keep the town doctor sober and keeping out of sight of the law. Sam has a dark, ugly past, so he feels like he deserves no happiness. But now here's this crazy lady, claiming to be a doctor from the future. Her medical skills make it clear that she must not be lying about her training, but her tale of time travel certainly seems far-fetched. And she might be more trouble than she's worth, considering a town madam claims that she's a runaway whore, and the law is looking for her.
        Characters and plot are well crafted, making this a tale to make people smile. Readers craving a short, sweet western with a modern angle should really enjoy this fun time travel tale of the Wild West. Debbi Rawlins'  
Heather Nordahl Files

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