David J. Schow~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Up Gunned
David J. Schow
St. Martin’s Press Hardcover

     Upgunned is a novel that just might have something for everyone in it.—action and suspense; gore, and on top of this, humor.
Photographer Elias McCabe’s world is turned upside down when a hit man forces him to take photos of a well-known politician in a compromising sexual encounter. The politician is really dead, and everything is staged, but the hit man gives Elias ten grand for his troubles. Then he is told that if he doesn’t keep his mouth shut, Mr. Kimber is going to put a hole in his head.
Mr. Kimber is the hit man’s gun. Kimber is the name of the gun manufacturer, and this one is so big it makes “Gun Guy” look like Dirty Harry. Gun Guy is the name McCabe gave to the hit man because he does not know his real name. Gun Guy loves being a hit man because he claims it is the only job he has ever done well.
Most of the story involves Gun Guy chasing after McCabe when information is posted on the internet indicating the photos are fake. The reader sees everything from the photographer’s point of view in one chapter then the hitman’s point of view in the next. This goes on throughout the book.
One would think a photographer doesn’t stand a chance against Gun Guy, but a strange accident occurs in Elias’ darkened dark room. Gun Guy tries to kill him in the dark room but ends up almost losing an eye on the sharp edge of an enlarger. McCabe ends up with Mr. Kimber. He not only ends up with the gun, but he nicknames himself Mr. Kimber which irritates Gun Guy to no end when he finds out about it. Now Gun Guy not only wants to kill McCabe, he wants t do it slowly.

Paul Zunino