Cindy C Bennett ~~ 4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Geek Girl

Cindy C Bennett

Sweetwater Books Mass Market




Jen, a social outcast who has been through many foster families, is growing tired of her tedious life and needs something new and exciting. On her search for excitement, she dared her friend that she could turn Trevor Hoffman, a straight A student, bad. Jen finds that the bet is a lot more difficult than she anticipated and that Trevor is rubbing off on her. She is pulled between two worlds: one of school dances and bowling, the other of truancy, bad boys, and parties.

Geek Girl was a thought-provoking and memorable book. The scenes that played out are realistic, and the characters are full of depth, containing more personality than most authors can capture. I would and have recommended this book. It has become one of my favorites, and I plan to read it many times in the future.

Layla Lawrence

...17 ...