Christopher Farnsworth ~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Red, White and Blood

Christopher Farnsworth

G.P. Putnam’s Sons





      Christopher Farnsworth has brought his vampire series to life once again with Red, White and Blood, which is a sequel to his previous blood chilling The President’s Vampire. Continuing the exploits of the personal vampire to presidents for over 150 years, this book delves into the depths of horror during an election campaign.

      Cade is a vampire who must sleep during the day and stay out of sunlight. He lives in a secret chamber located beneath the White House and is bound by an oath to protect and save the President of the United States, along with others, including the first family. He is extremely strong, fast, and ruthless in his mission.

      Let there be no mistake, this is an adult book! Themes of adult relations permeate throughout, along with some very descriptive and gruesome descriptions of murder and mayhem that only vampires or other creatures perform.

      The central villain is the Boogeyman who is an age-old nemesis of Cade. They have battled many times in the past decades, and Cade has always been the victor, dispatching the Boogeyman to the depths of the nether world by killing him. Each time he would arise through the efforts of cultists and mass murderers, only to return to the murky depths of Hell by Cade killing him once again.

          Publication of this book during an election campaign only adds to its excitement. Trips to various cities, debates, and exceptional insights as to what it takes to protect the President from nefarious people keep the plot moving. A vampire adds much to the secret service, which does an excellent job on its own, but when his exceptional skills come into play, they are astounded! Until now, the vampire was a well-guarded secret for only those who had a need to know. Once out on the campaign trail, it was necessary to inform all of those who had direct service to the President about Cade.

         Based upon the shocking conclusion, readers know that the next volume will be just as exciting as Red, White and Blood. This is a book for all fans, whether of the vampire occult or not.

Clark Isaacs

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