Christine Feehan~~ 4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Dark Nights

Christine Feehan


Mass Market



Avon re‑releases two Carpathian novellas, one of which is substantially expanded with new material.

Traian Trigovise is trapped in an ice cave by evil vampires when he is visited by an astral projection. Joie Sanders has just been shot and visits him while she is operated on. She doesn’t believe Traian is real, but she still looks for him in the mountains of Romania. When she does find him, he tells her she is his life mate, and he wants her safely away from the dangerous situation. But Joie is a bodyguard who knows she can take care of herself. "Dark Descent" (*****) is deliciously satisfying. Readers unfamiliar with Carpathians will not be lost, and the additions to this tale make it truly sublime.

Sara Marten has been the prey of an ancient vampire for fifteen years, but she has managed to stay ahead of him all this time. Only an ancient diary--and her mission of helping a group of orphans--gives her motivation to carry on. Then she meets the diary's author. Together Falcon and Sara brave great danger to defeat the ancient vampire, with the help of Falcon's fellow Carpathians. "Dark Dream" (****1/2) is unchanged from its initial publication and is a beautifully rich, emotional tale.

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