Brian W. Smith~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Nina’s Got a Secret
Brian W. Smith
First Strebor Books
Trade Paperback

     Larry Denison loved his wife Deidra with all his heart. When she finally got pregnant, he thought his life was complete. Then their daughter Chrissy was diagnosed with autism and Deidra with an inoperable brain tumor four months later, and his world collapsed. After Deidra’s death, the only thing that kept Larry going was his unconditional love for his daughter and his career as one of the most powerful sports agents in the game. Then he traveled to New Orleans to scope out a new player and saw Nina Arceneaux dance in the strip club that his player liked to frequent. Larry fell instantly in love. He loved everything about Nina; her voluptuous body, her gorgeous face, even her 8 year old daughter, Precious. After a few months, he asked her to marry him and promised her a life she never thought she would be able to achieve. 
    Nina Arceneaux had grown up in the roughest section of New Orleans. She
had beat the odds and completed high school, then fell for a drug dealing player who got her pregnant. She had truly believed they were going to get married, but he managed to get himself killed. Now a single parent, Nina did what she had to do to survive and provide for her daughter. When she met Larry at the club, she wasn’t really impressed by him--he was shorter than she and wasn’t that good looking--but he was rich; rich beyond anything she had ever imagined. So when Larry asked her to marry him, she immediately said yes, even though she didn’t love him or have any patience with his daughter. Then came that fateful day when Nina was driving with her best friend Val and the two little girls and had a car accident. Both girls needed saving and Nina chose her own daughter, allowing Chrissy to drown.
    This reviewer doesn’t normally like urban novels because of the language
and vulgarity, and this book is no exception. However, once you get past those, the underlying story with its raw emotion and lesson in unconditional love completely redeems the story. The heroine is hard to like, and her BFF leaves a lot to be desired, but overall, a story well worth reading.

Lani Roberts


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