Beth Ciotta~~ 4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Her Sky Cowboy: The Glorious Victorious Darcys
Beth Ciotta
SignetMass Market

             Amelia is the distant cousin of the man who invented a working time machine.  Her dad is also an inventor albeit an absentminded one.  Amelia considers it her job to keep him safe.  She has always done a great job.  Until the day she went to lunch with a very eligible man.  Normally she would have avoided the luncheon, but Amelia wanted to see his collection of flying machines.  Unfortunately, while she was gone, Amelia's father blew himself up, leaving the family destitute. 
            Luckily, soon afterwards a contest is announced.  Whoever brings the most significant lost or legendary historical invention to Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee will win a substantial cash prize.  Amelia's brothers immediately set to find a prizeworthy item. Unbeknownst to them, Amelia leaves, too.
            Tucker Gentry is a former Air Marshal and AmeliaÆs hero.  She crashes her kitecycle near his airship.  Amelia talks Tucker into helping her with her quest.  Tucker talks Amelia into his bed.  The two soon find themselves in love.
            Dunkirk is Tucker's worst enemy.  He kidnaps Amelia.   His employer thinks that she has information about how to build a time machine.  Dunkirk is to do whatever it takes to get the information out of Amelia. Tucker immediately begins to plan a rescue.
            This is the beginning of an exciting new steampunk series.  It is a very good book.
Sheila Griffin 


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