Amanda Ashley~~4 and 5 Star Reviews

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Desire the Night
Amanda Ashley
Mass Market

     Kay is the daughter of an alpha werewolf. She’s engaged to Victor, the son of a neighboring pack’s alpha. Before Kay marries a man she despises, her father allows her one year to live on her own. The year is ending and she goes out clubbing one last time. One minute she’s dancing with a handsome
stranger, and the next she wakes up in a cage with a hungry vampire.Gideon was imprisoned by a black witch years ago. He tries to control his bloodlust, but Verah starves him. When she puts a human in Gideon’s cage, he drains them.
     Kay’s werewolf blood saves her. Gideon realizes that Kay might be able
to free them. As Kay and Gideon wait for the full moon, they fall in love. Their plan works. Kay and Gideon escape, but over and over again Verah tracks them down. Kay realizes that the only place Gideon will be safe is with her pack. If she returns to the pack, she’ll be forced to marry Victor. They decide that safety is the first priority. Once they have neutralized Verah’s power, they’ll worry about the wedding.
As soon as Kay comes home, her father imprisons Gideon. If Kay doesn’t marry Victor, he’ll kill Gideon. Now the lovers have two enemies to fight.
This stand-alone novel is a really good book.   

Sheila Griffin  


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