Alyxandra Harvey~~ 4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Stolen Away
Alyxandra Harvey
Walker & Company
     Stolen Away features a trio of modern‑day teens embroiled in a battle between the Faerie courts for possession of the ruling crown.  Eloise has a free‑spirited, tattooed mother with a quirky, vagabond aunt so she’s used to feeling different. Her friends Jo and Devin accept her for who she is, forming their own support system.  They are sweating their way through a summer that is extending into late October, unaware that this unnatural heat is due to Lord Strahan, the King of the Swans court's determination to keep a crown he is only supposed to hold for seven years.
     Eloise gains a protector in Lucas, a faerie warrior who is loyal to her family, the Harts, for their ancient heritage in the Faerie realms.  Jo is intrigued with a mysterious young man with rock star hotness, who turns out to be from Faerie as well and possibly the enemy of Eloise's family. Suddenly normal life becomes the illusion, and Faerie becomes all too real for these teens.
     Stolen Away is highly enjoyable young adult urban fantasy with well‑written faerie mythology.  With a great mix of vivid imagery, humor, and action, this book is a fun read.
Danielle Hill


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