Alyssa Day ~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Heart of Atlantis (Warriors of Poseidon)
Alyssa Day
BerkleyMass Market

             Quinn has led the human rebels against vampires and evil shifters for the past ten years.  But when her best friend, Jack, nearly dies, she's had enough.  She retires to nurse him back to health.  Jack recovers physically, but he's trapped in his tiger form.  Quinn vows to stay with him until he regains his humanity.
              Alaric is Poseidon's warrior priest.  He is the most powerful of the Atlanteans.  His power is tied to his celibacy.  For thousands of years this hasn't been a problem.  Then he meets Quinn.  Now he would give up his magic for one night with her, for even one kiss.  But fate keeps denying him that opportunity.
            First flying monkey shifters attack a place of sanctuary.  Next the final stone in Poseidon's trident is found by a man who not only claims to the true king of Atlantis but demands that the leader of the human rebels be brought to him immediately.  Just when Quinn thought it couldnÆt get any worse, it does.  Vampire goddess Anubisa is back and ready to destroy Atlantis, and the entire royal family including Quinn's sister and nephew. 
            This is the continuation of a series that can be read alone.  It appears to be an action-packed, satisfying conclusion of a very good series.  It is a very good book.
Sheila Griffin