Allison Brennan~~ 4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Allison Brennan

St. Martin's

Mass Market




Seven years after being attacked and almost killed by an online predator, Lucy Kincaid is finally about to enter the FBI academy. While waiting to begin training, Lucy is asked to be an analyst in helping discover who killed a high‑priced call girl linked to a powerful congressman.  It soon becomes apparent, however, that this murder is not the only one connected to the case, as prostitutes start turning up dead at an alarming rate.  As Lucy races to find the one girl who can put the pieces together, she must also battle the demons from her past.  And, although that past threatens to overpower her, she is determined to stop the horrors before the killer can accomplish his goals.

For anyone who likes gritty, edge‑of‑your‑seat suspense and mystery, Ms. Brennan dishes up the delectable best!  The character of Lucy Kincaid is both a victim and a shining example of one’s ability to overcome and turn the most horrific experiences into good. Although a first time reader might feel the story somewhat disjointed to begin with, the pieces soon fall into place and one finds themselves biting their nails and trying to uncover the truth right along with Lucy. Soon, the pages fly by and suspense mounts, until, with pounding heart, the climax is reached and the last page is closed!

TJ Mackay

...16 ...