Wendy Lyn Watson~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Scoop to Kill
Wendy Lyn Watson
Mass Market
     It’s been a year since Tally Jones extricated herself from the murder charges of her cheating ex-husband’s girlfriend. Business at her ice-cream store is doing well and life is looking up, at least until her niece, Alice stumbles upon the body of a fellow graduate student. Even with Tally’s determination to stay out of trouble, circumstances just seem to over-rule as she finds herself knee deep in a double murder mystery with two hunky men scrambling to keep her out of trouble and no good ending in sight.

     Scoop To Kill is a light but delightful mystery that combines the best of a first rate whodunit with a dash of humor then adds a little spicy romance for flavor. The story is written well enough that even if one gets lucky and guesses who the villain is, the reasons continue to be a puzzle until the very end - a puzzle that is immensely fun to figure out. The character of Tally is a modern day “every woman” that readers will delight in befriending for a few hours as she scoops out the clues and dishes up the surprises!

TJ MacKay