Sylvia Day~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Seven Years to Sin

Sylvia Day


Trade Paperback




Lady Jessica Sheffield had been raised to do everything perfectly. It had been drummed into her by her father all of her life. "A lady never shows emotion." "A lady always behaves with decorum." "A lady always stands up straight." "A lady of quality marries who her father picks out for her."  Lady Jessica had no problems with any of her lessons, including the last one. When she married Benedict Sheffield, Lord Tarley, without even having a Season, she didn’t mind. She and her sister Heather had known the Sheffield brothers, and their wild, reckless friend Alistair Caulfield, since they were children. She did love Benedict. He was as proper as she was, in public, and could be as improper in the bedroom. But her happiness only lasted a mere seven years before Benedict died and Jessica was left childless. Now Jessica owned property in Jamaica, thanks to Benedict, and was preparing to sail there to help her forget. What she didn’t realize was the one man she had never been able to forget, Alistair Caulfield, was the owner of the ship and the only other passenger on the long voyage to paradise.

Alistair Caulfield had grown up knowing that the only person who loved him unconditionally was his mother. His father had never shown him any kindness, so Alistair was always looking for ways to prove his worthiness. Unfortunately, being the precocious type with an extremely well developed body and face, even at an early age, Alistair discovered that the women of the ton would pay handsomely for his amorous services.  He then parlayed that money into a shipping business and turned that into an empire. He was the fourth son; he knew he was not going to inherit his father's titles and monies, so he made his own fortune. The only thing he had never been able to obtain was his beautiful, aloof Jessica who had watched him service Lady Trent in the gazebo the night before Jessica's wedding seven years ago.  Alistair knew Jessica would never let him into her life because of this knowledge but figured he had this trip to Jamaica to change her mind.

Seven Years to Sin is a marvelous romantic tale of two lovers who have nothing going for them, but who manage to make their love work anyway. She's older than he is, but he's worlds wiser than she in physical matters, but not in love. This storyline has several twists to it that keep the reader deeply engrossed and a secondary romance that is just as enthralling. An absolutely marvelous story. Brava, Ms. Day!

Lani Roberts