Susan Fox~~ 4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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His, Unexpectedly

Susan Fox


Trade Paperback




Jenna Fallon was a free spirit in every sense of the word.   Unfortunately, she came from a family of scientists, super intellectuals, and legal eagles. Her mom, dad and three sisters all loved her, but they had a tendency to look askance at some of her decisions. Jenna went with the flow, from place to place, doing jobs that were important for the environment, animal conservation, plant studies, etc. She was the same way about her men--nothing was permanent, nobody got hurt. That way she was able to get through her life without her heart breaking over some bad decisions made as a teenager.

     At this moment in her life, she was on her way to Vancouver, B.C. to attend her sister's wedding. Mellow Yellow, her old butter yellow MGB convertible, had just died at a small gas station not too far from San Francisco, and, since Jenna didn't believe in credit cards, her traveling budget did not include car repairs. As she was trying to figure out what should she do, she spotted a Volkswagen Westfalia camper pulling into the small diner recommended to her by the mechanic. The camper was cool, but the hunky surfer‑looking driver getting out of the camper looked even better. And the trailer had Vancouver license plates. Maybe the cosmos was smiling at her.

Mark Chambers noticed the stunning female with the white‑gold curls and long, flowing gauzy skirt the minute he walked into the diner. And for Mark, that was really unusual. He was a scientist, a geek extraordinaire, and definitely lacking in the social skills department. His best friend Adrienne always told him that when it came to girls and flirting and such, it went right over his head. This one had definitely caught his attention. Then he discovered she needed a ride to Vancouver, was willing to hitchhike if necessary, and lived a lifestyle that he escaped from as a child. Mark's mother was a flower child and had lived in a commune where free love was the rule of the day. Later, he was sent to live with his straight‑laced grandparents and was relieved to finally have structure in his life. No way was he going to give a ride to someone like Jenna, he thought.

His, Unexpectedly is a fun book with lots of laughs. Poor Mark is definitely in over his head when he meets Jenna, but she turns out not to be the kook he thinks she is. She just doesn't believe in too much structure and his whole life has been built around structure. They definitely make the old saying, "Opposites attract," come true. This is a continuation of a series, but reads well alone.

Lani Roberts