Sophie Littlefield~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Sophie Littlefield


Trade Paperback




            Cass Dollar was a recovering alcoholic, feeling unworthy but, nonetheless, working towards a time when she could be with her little daughter Ruthie again. Then a series of attacks blight plant and animal life. The government drops a plant called Kaysev, a versatile plant that will feed the people who are left. But part of the Kaysev mutates into a blue‑leafed plant that causes a terrifying illness that leaves its mindless sufferers, the Beaters, with an insatiable desire for flesh.

            Now, in Aftertime, society consists of isolated pockets of paranoid survivors, and Cass is desperately seeking Ruthie. At a school shelter, she meets Smoke, who joins her on her quest.

Along the arduous journey, they discover that while strangers are still capable of uncommon kindness, there are far more frightening things out there than the Beaters.

            From the first page, Sophie Littlefield takes readers on a spellbinding odyssey with her heroine, who cannot see her own strength through her day‑to‑day struggles, both with her addiction and for simple survival. The emotional landscape is like Aftertime's physical landscape, where the blight and ruin is occasionally relieved by patches of breathtaking new life. The tale steadily builds in intensity so that readers will not put this book down until the nerve‑wracking final pages are turned.

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