Sandra Hill~~ 4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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The Norse King's Daughter

Sandra Hill


Mass Market




Drifa is the daughter of a Norse king who has allowed all of his daughters to choose their own husbands. She's very interested in Sidroc Guntersson, whose magic hands bring her shocking pleasures, though his words are less than informative about the life she will live.  Then she overhears some upsetting words from him, and her rage leads her to hit him over the head. Fortunately, she does not kill him, but she does put him into a coma. While he's unconscious, she learns that he had a very good reason to marry her, so she tries to help.

Five years later, Drifa is in Constantinople (or Miklagard, as the Vikings call it) to study plants. She'd given up on trying to find Sidroc, but to her surprise he is here serving in the Byzantine Emperor's Varangian guard, living a great life including a beautiful mistress. He plans to get his revenge by making her his love slave, but he doesn't know her secret. She has under her protection the daughter he thinks is dead.

This is the last book in a long series, but aside from a fairly large cast of characters, new readers won't be lost. The writing has a modern feel despite the tenth‑century setting, which can take readers out of the story, but Sandra Hill has done impeccable research. The unusual setting is a rare thrill, especially because it is so exquisitely rendered, and the scorching love scenes border on the erotic.

Heather Nordahl Files



Dark Viking

Sandra Hill


Mass Market




            Rita is a recruit in the WEALS program, a female version of the Navy SEALS. During one of the exercises, she is knocked unconscious. When she comes to, she finds herself in a cage.

Steven's older brother disappeared and is presumed dead. Steven has been forced into a roll he never wanted, lord of two vast estates. One day he finds a mermaid or a sea siren. Or maybe it's a sea monster! Whatever, the safest place to keep her is in a cage.

Steven leaves to rescue his sister, and Rita escapes the cage. Not knowing where she is, she makes herself at home and waits for Steven's return. As she gets to know the villagers, she realizes that, as impossible as it seems, she must have gone back in time. Steven returns and is not pleased to find Rita out of her cage. She will not escape again. This time he locks her in his room.  Big mistake! The wench proves to be too sexy for him to resist. Soon the couple falls into bed and then into love. But how can they be happy knowing that at anytime, Rita could return to the future?       

This is the continuation of a series that can be read alone. It is another great book in a great series! It's funny, sexy and just plain fun.

Sheila Griffin