R. William Holland~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Cracking the New Job Market:  The 7 Rules for Getting Hired in Any Economy

R. William Holland


Trade Paperback




Seven Rules for Getting Hired in Any Economy is directed at the white‑collar job market. It is for those professionals who have found themselves in a downsized industry in today's very tough economy. Cracking the New Job Market is written by R. William Holland who has a very impressive background in the HR field because it helps people find jobs.

Read on even if you are not a white‑collar worker. What you will find are many ideas that are fully substantiated by statistics, experience, and some sound practical advice, which you can put into your daily routine for "turning the proverbial rock over" to find a job lurking in places where you would least expect.

Starting with the resume is the traditional method of thinking when you are going out exploring for a new job. Holland says that is not where you should be focusing your attention. You need to determine what value you can demonstrate for potential employers to want to hire you. What he means is that you should examine a help‑wanted position and see what the employer is seeking. He is not saying to fabricate skills or in any way give untruths. He is saying that you should examine those job skills you have already developed that fit the needs of the job opening, then create a resume, which will show your attributes so you can get an interview.

Competition in today's job market is very tough because of the number of applicants who are submitting resumes. In the past, human relations people (HR) would get a few resumes that stood out so that they could carefully review them and decide whom to interview. Today, almost every job opening generates hundreds of resumes. An HR person skims through them, eliminates many of them that are the same, and then looks for the few who will "fit" the job best.

Cracking the New Job Market provides many ideas from how to dress for an interview to what you should say when being interviewed. Additional important basics assist applicants entering the white‑collar market for the first time so they avoid simple mistakes.  R. William Holland has gathered some excellent ideas concerning the final contract of employment such as how to negotiate salary, vacation time, health insurance, and bonuses, to name a few. There are different rules for those who are newbies as compared to those who are seasoned executives.

Even though it is a bit early for graduation gifts for the new college graduate, this book would be an excellent gift for the holiday season. Simply put, consult this book before going out to interview or consider employment since it covers all the bases.

Clark Isaacs