P.J. Mellor~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Island Nights

P.J. Mellor





When Reese Parker's very undesirable job is to check out an old hotel on a remote island, she thinks it will be a big waste of her time. Not happy about being sent to such to a very remote area, she just wants to get the job done--until a local by the name of Ben Adams offers to be her personal guide. He could be the very thing that makes the whole trip worth it. Since she keeps picturing him on the beach naked, a deep desire burns within her for him.  Can a trip that was thought to be a waste of time turn out to be hours, even days, of pleasure?

Ben was just trying to make it in the small town he lives in, just getting by on a job here and there. Things did not have to change because he did not need much in life, or so he thought, until he met the beautiful Reese Parker. Though she irritated him to no end, he also found her to be very fascinating at the same time. So when Reese needs information and help to get to the island with an old hotel on it, he volunteers to be her guide.   But with fantasies of her naked in his bed, can he do the job?

Ben and Reese have deep sexual desires for each other but are afraid to be the one to make the first move.  When a storm traps them on a deserted island, will sparks of passion be so strong they finally give into each other? Find out what being trapped on an island with a very hot, hunky man of your dreams can lead to. An island getaway has never been so wet and hot as it is in this sexually erotic tale of Island Nights by P.J. Mellor.

Melody Prater