Phyliss Miranda ~~ 4 1/2 and 5 Star Review

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Give Me A Texas Outlaw

Jodi Thomas, Linda Broday, Phyliss Miranda, DeWanna Pace


Mass Market



There is nothing more intriguing than an outlaw-‑especially if he is tall and devilishly handsome!

First there is Michael Hughes, caught trying to rob the rich and tricked into marrying the daughter to protect her and her ranch, as well as save his own hide.

Then there is gunfighter Johnny Bravo, hired to rescue the kidnapped daughter of a wealthy rancher but finding her sister dogging his trail, determined to deliver her own type of justice.

Next, there is Lawman Ethan Kimble, standing face-to-face with his childhood sweetheart, but at the wrong end of a rifle. Bringing the beautiful outlaw in suddenly isn't as important as discovering the truth behind her running.

And finally the desperado, Shadow Rivers, who finds himself helping a saucy young woman with a $1000.00 price on her head find justice while losing his heart.

What a delightfully, delicious combination of short stories! Anyone who is a fan of cowboys in small but sizzling doses will eat this delectable offering up! With only a couple of glitches (the weak relationship development in story #2 and the confusing epilogue in #3), each tale is paced to perfection with enough suspense to ruin one's nails mixed with enough romance to make the heart race and the reader sigh. Well done, ladies!


T.J. MacKay


Give Me a Texan

Jodi Thomas, Dewanna Pace, Linda Broday, and Phyliss Miranda


Historical Romance

ISBN 978-1420101034



Amarillo by Morning

Hank Harris, one of three eligible bachelors, accepted a dinner invitation from his friend knowing his sister-in-law was on the marriage trail. When Hank left for the evening, he handed Agnes his colts, offering her a partnership. If she chose to be his wife, she was to meet him at the train station.

A Shade of Sunrise

Briar Duncan, a widower with a precocious seven year old, was in need of gentle guidance from a woman. Mina Mc Coy was hired by Nathaniel to help Briar in the telegraph office. With no place for her to stay, Briar offered his home.

The Love Letter

Amanda Lemmons owned a small piece of land where she tended sheep. Payton McCord cowhand and prankster became entangled in a practical joke involving Amanda. It wasn’t until Payton’s friends arrived when he realized that he and Amanda were caught in one of Joe’s practical jokes. Only this time, it was not funny.

No Time for Love

Quinten Corbett was running the local newspaper. He and his clerk, Monk, were waiting impatiently for his apprentice. After a long spiel of resentful ramblings, the new apprentice arrived. Kaira Renaulde overheard every word. For a position she did not want, she had to learn the ropes from a resentful, rugged, unpolished Texan.

This anthology was written with a combination of very talented authors. Each managed to tie in their stories, weaving the heart-warming tales to capture your heart from the very beginning, filling the reader with delightful, endearing love stories.

Lauren Calder