Pam Lewis ~~ 4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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A Young Wife
Pam Lewis
Simon and Schuster, Hardcover
**** 1/2
     It is January 1912, in Enkhuizen, the Netherlands, and Minke van Aisma has just accepted the job of caring for Sander DeVries’ ailing wife Elisabeth, the job her older sister Fenna was supposed to have taken. Surprised by the job offer, but not adverse to it, Minke’s parents agree to allow their younger daughter to go to Amsterdam with the wealthy older gentleman. Before Elisabeth DeVries passes, Minke is returned home to her parents. She is told that same day that Elisabeth died that morning. That is a shock to Minke, but not as surprising as what happens next. She is asked to be the wife of Sander DeVries. Things move quickly in the novel A Young Wife. Within days, they do marry, and Minke finds herself on a ship sailing to Argentina. She quickly learns to love her kind husband and thinks she is on her way to being a gentlewoman, raising a family with a loving and caring husband. But, life does not always go as planned and everything is not always as it seems.
     A Young Wife will keep readers turning the pages, wanting to know what will happen next to Minke and those around her. Author Pam Lewis writes a swiftly moving, interesting and colorful story. The characters are well rounded and seem very real, perhaps because The Young Wife is based on the events of the author's maternal grandmother. This may account for the realism and accuracy of the times and locations about which Lewis writes. I find the story refreshingly different from other family sagas or love stories. This, I think, is also due to the fact that the subject matter is close to the author's heart. I look forward to reading more of Pam Lewis' work.

Marilyn Dalrymple