Monica Burns~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Pleasure Me

Monica Burns

Berkley Sensations

Trade Paperback




Lady Ruth Attwood has spent many years pleasuring men as a courtesan, but she knows that at forty‑one she has lost her youth and beauty to age. She fears that she will have no lover and will not be desired by the men of the town due to her age. All this fear comes from her latest lover dropping her for a much younger woman. When a younger man makes her an offer, she takes it. Then to her surprise she does what she has vowed never to do--fall in love. She feels that she has done this man an injustice by accepting his offer then falling in love since he is so much younger.

Baron Garrick Stratfield is a manly man, but he has a physical impairment that keeps him from being with a woman. This impairment is one that he fears even a courtesan will not have anything to do with him. Even so, he makes an offer to the beautiful Lady Ruth Attwood to be his mistress with no bed play. He thinks this will help him keep other women from looking at him and it will secure his secret. He does not count on the power of a single kiss changing everything. When sparks fly between him and Lady Ruth, life changes fast. Yet, though he has found feelings of love, he also finds he has been betrayed when he finds himself being framed for murder.

Can Garrick and Ruth overcome age, a physical impairment, and betrayal with a newfound love?  In Pleasure Me, Monica Burns has written about what many fear, getting older and never being loved. With this book those fears are met with pleasures that leave a person wondering if anything else is important in life other than that moment in time. 

Melody Prater