Megan Hart ~~ 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Three to Tango
Emma Holly, Lauren Dane,
Megan Hart, Bethany Kane
Heat , Trade Paperback

     Ava lives and works in Los Angeles after leaving her hometown of Petal, Georgia. She has no desire to return, for she has closed that chapter in her life--until she gets a phone call that her mother has died, and she is needed for the funeral. The only good that can come from this trip will be to see the two men she loves, but can't have. Luca has never gotten over the love he has for Ava and Angelo, but he can't have one without the other. He has tried to move on, unsuccessfully. He may be very successful owning his own architectural firm, but he has no love life. Angelo is a lawyer and former NFL player; life is good. He just doesn't have the love he wanted for many years. He has wanted Ava and Luca for more than just great friends; he wants their love. When they get the call that Ava is in town, life turns for them, which gives
Luca and Angelo the opportunity to make all their desires come true.
Lauren Dane has given the reader a sexy hot threesome that plays on the secret desires hidden from all. This story is filled with sensual touches, pleasures of the body, and patient love.
"Just For One Night"

     Kerry enjoys the life she has with her live in boyfriend Jeremy. It is never boring since he is into very kinky stuff. So when it is time for her class reunion, Jeremy encourages her to go to find Brian, the one guy she can't seem to get out of her head. He was the crush she had that never went as far as she had wanted, and he has stayed on her mind for twenty years. Jeremy thinks she needs to get Brian out of her system, and the thought of her with another guy then coming home to his bed is HOT! All he wants is for Kerry to tell him all the details, which turns him on. Brian was not really thrilled with a class reunion, but once he sees Kerry, the one woman he never got over, he was glad he had come. Just to look at her from across the room made him hot all over. The desire he had for her spiked, and all he wanted was her. When he danced with Kerry, the sexual heat was high between them, so when she wanted to go upstairs to a room she had reserved, life just turned into his hottest dream. But when one night of passion turns into more for Brian and Kerry, can Brian deal with the fact that Kerry goes home to Jeremy, the live in boyfriend?
     Megan Hart gives the readers an edgy love triangle with kinky sexual desires and fantasy in Just For One Night.

"Flipping For Chelsea"

     Seamus (Shay) is the adopted brother to Liam, and best friend. They share everything, including their love for Chelsea. One day all changes when Chelsea comes to see them the day before she is to leave for college. She wants more from the boys than just a goodbye. As they share her in a sexual love triangle for the first time, the love they have for her grows, but so does the love that Liam and Shay have for each other; a love they are totally shocked by and don't know what to do with. This causes them all to pull away from each other instead of bringing them together. After many years apart, a business deal brings Liam and Chelsea together again, but something is missing, and that is Shay.
     Emma Holly brings a threesome that will pull at your heartstrings in Flipping For Chelsea. Passions run high, and love flows freely.
"On The Job”
     Madeline is living with Tony, a childhood friend who is now a friend with benefits. She has never told him she wants more from him, and the truth is he is not the man she dreams of. Walker Gray is. Tony has always wanted Madeline; he even wants to marry her, but his life is not the best for her, and he is truly not a one-woman man. When threats are made to Madeline, Tony calls in an old friend to protect her.
     Walker is called in to protect Madeline, which is a pleasure. He has never forgotten the young girl of his dreams, whom no woman could ever live up to. After many years apart, the heat between them is still sizzling. Can he convince her to take the plunge and satisfy their desi res for each other? This triangle is twisted with secrets. Can Madeline, Tony, and Walker face the secrets together to make life work for them, or will it end them all?
     Bethany Kane's On The Job brings mystery, secrets, and sexual heat that will burn the pages up and surprise you in the end.
Melody Prater