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Within the Flames

Marjorie M. Liu


Mass Market




Eddie's latest mission for Dirk & Steele is to find Lyssa Andreanos and protect her. The Cruor Venator, an immensely powerful witch who can create crippling fear in her victims, is hunting her. One person cannot stand against this kind of enemy alone, and the Cruor Venator is closing in on Lyssa, having tortured and killed a shape‑shifter friend of hers to find her.

Lyssa does not want to be found by anyone. She is understandably paranoid, and though she has a home in New York City, she lives among the homeless and downtrodden. When she sees Eddie, her first reaction is to run, though she has seen his eyes in her dreams. She wants to keep him safe, and the safest place is away from her, especially because when she's frightened, she spontaneously sets things on fire. What she doesn't know is Eddie sets things on fire, too.

Marjorie M. Liu's latest is part of the "Dirk & Steele" series, but it stands alone quite well. This tale against an overwhelming opponent can be very dark, but it's wonderful to see both lead characters overcome cripplingly awful pasts and embrace their strengths.

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