Lucius Parhelion~~ 4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Faster Than the Speed of Light

Lucius Parhelion

Torquere Press





Frank is a graduate student about to start his physics thesis when he is literally thrown together with his young professor Collis when they are arrested at the same gay bar and find themselves in a prison cell together. This is the McCarthy era of paranoia and the cold war, and the FBI is very interested in Collis, who was involved in the research for the H-bomb.  Frank and Collis must negotiate a growing attraction in a climate where they are being constantly spied on, and any suspicion that they might be homosexual would lead to criminal charges and being suspected of being in league with the Red Menace.

This is a slow, quiet book.  The research is impeccable and the author conjures the lifestyle and opinions of the time flawlessly.  The characters are likeable and very real. I particularly appreciated the way Collis grows up over the story.  Although the FBI menace is always there, this isn't a book of high action adventure, but if you enjoy the interpersonal relationships of a big academic department, learning a lot about an under-explored era, and following the day-to-day life of two very sympathetic characters, this book couldn't be better.