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Some Like It Hot

Louisa Edwards

St. Martin's

Mass Market




Eva Jansen had worked hard to get where she was. As the daughter of Theo Jansen, restaurateur extraordinaire, self‑made millionaire, and playboy incarnate, everyone thought Eva was just a spoiled, rich, wild child, which wasn't too far off the mark. She really was working hard to prove to her father that she could pull off being the competition coordinator of the Rising Star Chef competition, normally her father's job. If she pulled this off competently, maybe he would finally see that she was ready to take over Jansen Enterprises. The only problem she was having at the moment, though, was that she was definitely her father's child. Her father had a weakness for female pastry chefs, and Eva was finding that she had a weakness for a certain male pastry chef who was in her competition. But she had work to do; she had to concentrate. But then, a little harmless diversion to lessen the stress couldn't hurt, could it?

    Danny Lunden had never been out of Manhattan, and now he was trying to handle his team amid the hustle and bustle of LaGuardia Airport, as they got ready to fly to Chicago. It was almost too much. First, his best friend Jules decides that her one true love was Danny's brother Max, and they were engaged. Danny was okay with it, but their constant billing and cooing was getting on his nerves. Next, the Rising Star Chef competition was the biggest cooking competition they had ever been in, and the future of their family restaurant, Lunden's, rested squarely on Danny's shoulders. Lastly, he discovered that Beck, their big, stoic sous chef, was claustrophobic and didn't like to fly.

When it was announced that the plane was being delayed because they were waiting for one final passenger, Danny felt he had to do something, and fast, before Beck lost it completely. The delay was one Miss Eva Jansen, the gorgeous head of the competition and, to Danny's mind, a spoiled beyond belief princess. Not a very auspicious beginning!

Some Like It Hot is a cook's dream wrapped in a romance novel. The two antagonists find their attraction irresistible from the start, though they are having a hard time liking each other. The dishes that are created for the contest will have the reader's mouth watering from the beginning of the book to the end, while speeding up their heartbeat with the sexy encounters of the lovers. The characters of each team are well developed, and their interactions definitely will keep readers amused and involved.

Lani Roberts


Just One Taste

Louisa Edwards

St Martin's




Child protégé, Dr. Rosemary Wilkins really does need someone to slip her out of the world she has built around herself. Who better than ex‑con man Wes Murphy? To turn his life around, Wes decides to enroll in a renowned culinary school where his talents as a chef soar. When a sexy, in a geeky sort of way, teacher whose IQ rivals Einstein's fills in for half a semester, Wes is determined to wiggle his way into Dr. Wilkins life. He shouldn't be turned on by her neurotic hand washing or unnatural fear of germs, but behind her Star Trek t-shirts and Vulcan frame of mind, is someone Wes willingly gives his heart to.

Laugh‑out‑loud funny, Just One Taste was a surprisingly tasty story of two unlikely people meeting and falling in love. The antics of Rosemary and her stellar mind and million‑dollar vocabulary kept me turning pages. I love how Ms. Edwards painted the heroine as a brilliant, socially inept woman who is willing to change her ways with the love of the right man. The secondary love story in this novel was an added bonus of pleasure.

            A fun, light read with plenty of humor and passion, Just One Taste makes it to my keeper shelf and has me searching for the book preceding this one.

Catherine Heller


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