Lisa Jackson ~~ 4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Born to Die

Lisa Jackson


Mass Market




Dr. Acacia (Kacey) Lambert's quiet new life as a small‑town doctor in Grizzly Falls, Montana, gets shaken up completely when women who look enough like her to be her twins start dying in what appear to be accidental, though suspicious, deaths. Kacey treats Trace O'Halleran's son Eli, and her life becomes even more complicated because Trace was intimately involved with two of her look-alikes--one who mysteriously falls off a cliff while jogging and another who left town years ago and never returned.

Despite her better judgment, Kacey finds herself falling for Trace, who is just as drawn to her, and his son. While the focus on full‑blown romance is lacking, the burgeoning emotions and relationship between Kacey and Trace is heartfelt, intense, and compelling.

Born to Die has an interesting plot, characters, and twists, making it a mostly satisfying suspenseful read. The suspense and action scenes are well‑developed, descriptive, and intense. However, the novel has too many secondary characters whose lives are described with precise detail down to the most insignificant. At the same time, important information and details about primary characters like Kacey, Trace, and detective Alvarez are not revealed or described in nearly enough detail.


Lacy Hill



by Lisa Jackson
Mass Market

     After a horrible accidental shooting and investigation at his old precinct in Los Angeles accompanied by the death of his wife in a car accident, Detective Rick Bentz moves to New Orleans and takes a new job and begins a new life. With the wedding of his daughter approaching, Bentz is in an accident of his own and awakens from a coma with the distinctive gardenia smell of his dead wife's perfume and a vision of her there as well. Knowing she died 12 years previously, this just can't be.
     After his release from the hospital, a copy of her death certificate arrives with a big question mark on it. Rick knows he cannot go on with his life as it is unless he finds out the truth about what is going on. As he makes his way to Los Angeles, witnesses and friends of his ex-wife are being brutally murdered with no suspects beyond Rick himself. The closer he gets to what may be going on, the closer he gets to a dark secret that he could have never guessed. With the safety of his current wife in the balance, Rick must pull out all the stops to get this killer and keep his wife and all the other victims safe.
     This was a really well done thriller that kept you guessing at every turn. As the story progresses, the reader finds everybody concerned on the suspect list. A very strong thriller that is a must buy for murder/suspense fans. Lisa Jackson has outdone herself.

Inez Daylong


Chosen to Die

by Lisa Jackson
Kensington Publishing
Trade Paperback

     Regan Pescoli has been searching for the "Star Crossed Killer" for months--this sadistic killer targets women and tortures them by tying them to a tree and letting the bitter cold kill them. At each murder scene there is a note attached to each tree, a note that has letters added with each victim, letters that are the initials that represent the women who have been killed.
     When Regan has an argument with her ex-husband about custody of their children, she sets off to give him a piece of her mind. What she doesn't count on is the "Star Crossed Killer" waiting for her. He shoots her tire out as she's driving (which is his m.o.) and after her vehicle becomes disabled leaving her hurt and semi-conscious, he captures her and takes her to his home - the place where he helps his victims heal and gains their trust before turning on them.
     The police think they not only know who the killer is--they believe they have her in custody. This thrills the real killer as he now knows what incompetent individuals he is dealing with. He had planned this for so long and wants to finish his task, showing his quick wit and his ability to outsmart them all. What he didn't count on was the pure tenacity of Regan, and what she is willing to do to ensure she escapes and captures this sadistic man.
     This is one of the finest suspense books that I have read, with multiple stories woven in a way that keeps you from putting the book down. There are many characters and each is so unique and adds so much to the final story. Kudos to Miss Jackson for another great book!

Tracee Gleichner