Linda Lael Miller~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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A Creed in Stone Creek

Linda Lael Miller


Mass Market




            Melissa O'Ballivan is a prosecutor for Stone Creek, Arizona, and the surrounding towns. She likes her job but sometimes wonders if it's the right job for her, especially after her work put a young drunk driver behind bars. Now the young man is out, and Melissa is prepared for more trouble, but there are those in town who don't automatically assume he is guilty. Among that number is Steven Creed.

                 Steven's life has completely transformed in a short time. His best friend Zack and his wife died, leaving him custody of their son Matt. He adores Matt and makes changes for him, beginning with a move from Denver to small Stone Creek. His heart is captured by Melissa from the start, but she's a prosecutor and he's a defense attorney. He's been burned by a high‑powered female attorney before, and their opposing philosophies regarding the law could drive them apart before they're truly together.

            Linda Lael Miller brings the McKettricks and the Creeds together in this launch book of a new trilogy. Fans of her series will be delighted to visit with familiar characters, but new readers will not be lost. A near‑perfect hero and sometimes complex heroine make for a delightful read, and while the villain is obvious, catching him is the hard part.

Heather Nordahl Files


A Creed Country Christmas 

Linda Lael Miller




**** +

     Juliana Mitchell is in dire straits. She was counting on her brother to send her money, and he has refused. Now that the Indian school has been closed, she and her four remaining students are homeless and penniless, with nowhere to turn. Considering the prevailing attitudes about Indians, the future looks grim-- until she meets Lincoln Creed.

     Lincoln is seeking a governess (or, failing that, a wife) to take care of his young daughter, Gracie. In Juliana, he finds a temporary solution, but can he bring himself to make it permanent? He vowed to his first wife at her graveside that he would never love another woman, so he intends to marry someone who rouses no tender feelings. But Juliana and the children in her care are finding a way into his heart. He's determined to keep his vow, but this spirited young woman is leading him dangerously close to breaking it.

     This sweet, short historical is trademark Linda Lael Miller. Western fans will adore this heartwarming tale, set in 1910 Montana. Whether this is your first novel by Ms. Miller or your fiftieth, this will be an excellent addition to your holiday bookshelf! 
Heather Nordahl Files



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